San Pedro - A Whale of a Town


American Merchant Marine Veterans Memorial

Angel's Gate Lighthouse

Angel's Gate Recreation Center

The Arcade Building

Assistance League of San Pedro Post Office

Averill Park

Banning Residence Museum

(Old) Beacon Street Fountain

Bogdanovich Park

Cabrillo Beach

Cabrillo Beach Bathhouse

Cabrillo Marina

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Danish Castle

Dodson House

Drum Barracks Civil War Museum

Fireboat #2

Fishing Industry Memorial

Fishermen's Wharf

Fort MacArthur

Fort MacArthur Military Museum

Friendship Park

Harbor View House

Harbor View Cemetery

Korean Bell

Maritime Museum

Marine Mammal Care Center

Muller House Museum

Old St. Peter's Episcopal Church

Old San Pedro

Peck House

Point Fermin Lighthouse

Point Fermin Park

Point Vicente Interpretive Center

Point Vicente Lighthouse

Ports O' Call Village

Post Office

Royal Palms State Beach

SS Lane Victory

South Coast Botanic Garden


The Trolley

22nd Street Landing

U.S.S. Los Angeles Naval Memorial

Vincent Thomas Bridge

Warner Grand Theatre

Wayfarers Chapel

Worldport LA


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Harbor View Memorial Park
(formerly the San Pedro Cemetery)
Harbor View Cemetery(formerly the San Pedro Cemetery)

The town's cemetery was created in 1883, when August Timms deeded three acres of land to the newly-incorporated City of San Pedro. He paid $1 to reserve the central burial plot for himself, and died that same year. Many local pioneers are buried in this old cemetery, with burial records dating back to 1879 (prior to Timms' deed). With the growth of San Pedro and the creation of Green Hills Memorial Park in 1948, the San Pedro Cemetery, which had been acquired by the City of Los Angeles as part of its consolidation of San Pedro in 1909, was turned over to the Department of Recreation and Parks. Its name was changed to Harbor View Memorial Park, although the harbor cannot be viewed from any part of the little cemetery.The cemetary is under the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks. It is open Monday - Sunday from 7 AM - 2 PM, closed two Fridays a month. The monument in the above photo reads:

  • George Wood (-1908) Watertenber U.S.
  • A Reinhold (-1908) M.M. 2.C.
  • S. W. Meek (-1908) F. 1.C.
  • E. C. Boccs (-1908)F. 2.C.
  • F. S. Maxfield (-1908)F. 2.C.
  • J. P. A. Carroll (-1908)F. 2.C.
  • E. J. Burns (-1908) C.P.

Died Heroically at Their Stations, In Line of Duty, USS Tennessee (ACR-10), June, 1908, Erected by Shipmates

"The USS Tennessee then patrolled off the California coast until 24 August 1908 but suffered a boiler tube explosion on 5 June, which killed seven men, while steaming at full speed. The explosion occurred just after the rear admiral in charge of the squadron had visited on a tour of inspection; had the explosion taken place a few minutes earlier, he might have been among the casualties. Since the ship's 16 boilers were sub-divided into separate watertight compartments, the rest of the engineering section was not affected." [1]

Harbor View Memorial Park
West 24th Street at South Grand Avenue
6001 Hamilton Ave.
San Pedro 90731

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[1] Source-Wikipedia
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